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Fire Rated Wooden Doors And Frames

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School & Learning Furniture

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Toilet &Shower Cubicles, IPS System & Urinal Partitions

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BuildTech had lanched its Joinery Division mainly to meet clients’ requirements and major projects in Qatar. Specialized high-quality wooden doors, skirting, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, Office Partition Systems, School Furniture,  and Laboratory Furniture. We supply our (Fire rated & Non-Fire Rated) doors to major projects according to the project specifications, British (BS476) andNFPA 80/ UL10C ANSI standards on Fire Rated Doors. This includes sound-rated or acoustic doors.


Joinery Division Collections

Doors, Furniture, Cubicles System & Laboratories Supplier

  • Certified with ANSI UL10C Certificate, BS 476:Part22, ISO 9001:2015 & FSC)

  • Non - Fire Rated Wooden Doors

  • Fire Rated Wooden Doors (British & UL Standards)

  • Acoustic Wooden Doors (Tested)

  • LEED & GSAS Materials supported with FSC Certificate

  • Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Hotel Furniture & Fixed Furniture

  • Customized & Special Interior Works

1. Integrated Wood Industries

  • Non-Fire Rated & Fire Rated Wooden Doors

  • Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets, Bedrooms, Walk-in Closets

  • Hotel Furniture & Interior Work

2. Wood Industries 

  • Laboratory Furniture (Wood & Steel Cabinets including the WorkTops)

  • School & Learning Furniture

  • Hospitals Casework

  • Laboratories Equipment such as Fume Cupboard, Eyewash, Eyeshower & Bio Safety Cabinet

  • Authorized Dealer for the USA Brand Hamilton Lab Scientific for Supply of Steel Cabinets

3. Furniture

  • IPS (Integrated Panel System) including the Aluminum Support 

  • Benches & Lockers

4. Toilet Cubicles, Shower Cubicles & Urinal Paritions



Acoustical Door