Interiors Division Collections

As your business grows and changes, your workspace needs to evolve along with it. Partition Systems has been helping businesses adapt to their changing organizations, Corporate demountable walls offer an affordable and dependable solution that allows you to update your office with easy-to-install, stylish wall panels that can reinvent any space.


We supply demountable walls which are 100% factory-fabricated and shipped ready to install, reducing downtime, cost, and mess. Units can stand freely or be integrated with the existing architecture for a seamless look including solid vinyl, laminate, fabric, or glass panels.


From small meeting rooms to large convention centers, operable walls provide you with the flexibility to adapt your space to the activities of the moment, specifically designed for basic applications where acoustic requirements are a priority. 


Operable Walls are the easiest to use and are popularly used in classrooms, meeting rooms, medical facilities, retail, offices, and convention centers to divide floor space as needed.